Sodium Chloride (Salt), SLS and Paraben Free

COCOCHOCO PROFESSIONAL SILVER TOUCH ANTI YELLOW SHAMPOO is an new amazing product that has been specially developed and is enriched with targeted pigments. It helps to remove unwanted yellow tones caused by photo oxidation. It’s gentle on the structure of blonde/grey/silver and bleached hair, giving it sparkle, shine and luminosity.

Anti yellowing shampoo and conditioner are the perfect post-colour after care products for haircare to help maintain colour vibrancy.

It’s very common for colour treated hair to change tone, especially through exposure to the sun, environmental pollutants and water with high mineral levels of chlorine. When hair is lightened, the natural colour is removed to accommodate the new colour, but as all hair colour has an underlying warmth, this will eventually start to show through. Using an anti-yellowing shampoo will balance the yellow and orange tones in the hair and eliminate brassiness.

• 100% Sodium Chloride (Salt), SLS and Paraben free

• Concentrated formula with a little going a long way

• Good for all hair types

• Excellent daily shampoo for dry, damaged, colour-treated or permed hair

• Essential post keratin and hair botox treatment shampoo

• Makes a great once-weekly change to any other shampoo

Method of use:

For natural blonde hair leave the shampoo on hair for 10-20 minutes when using it for the first time. For future use leave it on for 3-4 minutes.

For dyed hair leave the shampoo on for 15 minutes.

For silver/platinum hair leave the shampoo on for 30 minutes.

After rinsing the hair with lukewarm water, dab excess with a towel.

For ultimate results follow with Cocochoco Professional Silver Touch Anti Yellow Conditioner and use a Cocochoco Professional Hair Treatment Mask weekly.

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